Where to Meet Marriage-Minded Men

Great men are all around you. This afternoon, when you stopped at Whole Foods to grab lunch from the hot bar, there was a man that noticed you. Same when you ran into the bank and left in a rush.

Most women have a false and limiting belief that they just need to be in the same room as marriage minded men, but I can assure you that there’s more to it than this.

There are a lot of quality to increase your changes of meet a marriage-minded man, but let me get you started with a few ideas before we meet personally.

Create Space

I get you are a busy, successful woman, but you can’t possibly meet and grow love with someone if you don’t have the time. The fact of the matter is that you must create space in your life to meet someone long before you actually meet him.

I speak with quality, marriage-minded men every day and the one missed opportunity I hear the most is how they’d love to run up and introduce themselves to a woman, but they don’t get the chance because everyone is so busy running from one appointment to the next. You see, it’s in the unscheduled, free time that you give a man to see and meet you.

By holding yourself and your schedule accountable to creating space for introductions in real life, you’ll give yourself the opportunity to say ‘Hello’ to new connections. Remember, a successful, eligible, and marriage-minded man is looking for a woman who has time for him.

Go Out Alone

Try a couple hours a week. Get a cup of coffee at a funky coffeeshop you’ve been wanting to try or a snack and cocktail at an upscale lobby bar.

You have no idea how many eligible men you are crossing paths each and every day, but you may just be missing the moments. I understand a lot of men and women are afraid to go out and dine alone. you’re not as likely to meet them when you’re focused on other people you are with. When you go out alone, you are asking for man to introduce himself.

It’s not enough just to go out. You must be friendly, approachable, be smile and engage. If going out alone is scary to you, try just a couple hours a week. Another quick hint: if you’re girlfriends for dinner, show up 30 minutes before they do. I don’t need to explain that one. arrive early and sit at the bar. See who you meet.

Try a Professional Search

I recommend a higher-end service if you want to be connected with a higher-caliber men. If you want to meet like-minded people like you, you’ll rarely find them on free dating sites and apps.

Professional searches can save you time and energy, adding an eye for detail and objective approach to finding the right man for you. You can join some networks for free, but regardless of who you choose, be sure you feel the chemistry between their ethos and yours. Who a Matchmaker is says a lot about who is in their network. If you find they are busy and transactional, the truth is their matches may be too. If they take time to get to know you and feel like a friend, they won’t settle for any less with who they’d introduce you too either.

Take the Pressure Off!

Your only goal is to make yourself available: emotionally, physically, and spiritually. In doing this, you’ll naturally attract the right man in your life.