How to KonMari Your Dating Life

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It’s spring cleaning time, and this doesn’t strictly apply to car ports and wardrobes. For singles, getting organized in the context of dating is an essential strategy for continued success, no matter what dating methods are in use.

So when HuffPost asked us how to KonMari one’s dating life, we started talking and This Is How To Tidy Up Your Dating Life, Marie Kondo Style was published shortly thereafter. Below, you’ll see that spring cleaning your dating life is truly as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Marie Kondo, otherwise known as KonMari, is a Japanese organizing consultant and author. She has written 4 books, which have collectively sold millions of copies.

1. Date Night: Novelty Sparks Joy. 

There are plenty of date nights that are surprisingly sexier than those you'll experience with a heavy price tag. Focus on creating fun, one-of-a-kind events to break the monotony and experience each other in different lights. Instead of dinner and drinks, treat your date to a bonfire, sunset swim, or scenic drive. Put a playlist together and practice yoga or have an impromptu dance party.

2. Make Amends With Your PastTidy Up Your Thoughts. 

If Marie's KonMari method focuses on tidying up your things, love requires you to tidy up your thoughts. Let go of the negative feelings, memories, and mementos you harbor against yourself and others. Letting go of hurt, pain, and any gifts that no longer serve you will allow more space in your heart. Hit the personal 'restart' button, so you can leave the past in the past. There is nothing more joyful than a tidy heart - one that is present, positive, and open to receive. 

3. Ditch the Apps: Smiles are Free. 

Apps can suck your time, bank account, and ultimately, your joy as well. This Spring, elect to 'go app-less' and meet people in real life. Say 'Hello!' to a stranger, hold the door open for someone, and remember to make eye contact and smile, even on the busiest of days. You never know where these chance encounters will lead, but even more important, who simply needs your energy.

Like the KonMari method, success lies in many small steps. Great love is tackled in small actions: a call to say 'I'm thinking about you' or pausing your favorite show to hear about your partner's day. 

Matchmaker, Life Coach and Founder of Subtle Honey, Maia Nikitovich MSW, echoes Bunn’s three ‘heart cleaning’ tips:

A heart cluttered by disappointments and fear, perhaps heavy with longing over a lost love, can prevent you from seeing the potential of new romantic prospects. Like a closet filled to the brim, unexamined feelings or beliefs can keep you from finding the relationship you truly want and deserve. Give yourself some breathing room!

Let go, one by one: thoughts, feelings, or beliefs that are no longer a good fit. Be kind to yourself, leaving the hardest attachments for last. When you are ready to tackle them, you will be confident enough to search deep into your heart, honor the joy they once gave you and then gently say "thank you, and goodbye. I am ready for something new."

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