Dating in the Modern #MeToo Era

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It hasn’t been your mama’s dating scene in a long time ― but the modern dating landscape is remarkably different than it was before Me Too took massive launch in 2017. This movement irreversibly changed nearly every aspect of women’s lives, including the way they date and what they choose to accept in relationships.

Inevitably, such a seismic shift in how we talk about gender relations has had a huge impact on dating and relationships. No one can deny that there has been a lot of confusion has due to our society’s awareness - and extreme sensitivity - of sexuality harassment. After all, one person’s banter can be seen as another’s threat.

We’re now in the middle of a societal revolution; a rolling back of the sexual liberation experienced over the past 50 years. Dating is already exhausting enough, so Dana and I got real and walked listeners through dating in the modern Me Too Era. We talked about gender roles, how to attract the right partner, and one key to dating success for both men and women.

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No matter what twists and turns lie ahead, the common thread we will continue to share is a mutual desire for human connection. As Ol’ Blue Eyes said, ‘The world will always welcome lovers.’

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