A Strange, Lonely New World

Photographer removes our smartphones to show our strange and lonely new world.

Are you reading this on a handheld device? There’s a good chance you are. Now imagine how’d you look if that device suddenly disappeared. Lonely? Anxious? Being ignored by the person next to you?

We’re all desperate to connect, but are isolated by content day-after-day that, in truth, has very little to do with our own reality. As we are sucked into a two-dimensional world, even in the company of family and friends, the hunched pose of the screen-absorbed seems increasingly normal. U.S. photographer, Eric Pickersgill, created a series of photos aptly named “Removed” to remind us of how strange that pose actually is.

In each portrait, electronic devices have been removed from people who’d been using them, so that people stare at their hands, or the empty space between their hands, often ignoring valuable opportunities for meaningful human connection. The results are sad and eerie - serving as a reminder, perhaps, to put our screens away and focus on what’s truly important.

It’s vital for us to pour into our relationships that matter.


Photos courtesy of Eric Pickersgill. Originally story featured by Quartz.

RelationshipsAlyssa Bunn