“Alyssa is a smart, articulate, caring, understanding, analytical, and a great listener - did I say smart? Transparent, hardworking and experienced. I have a feeling that she truly cares about the success of me in this matchmaking process. Warns me about the pit falls and misalignments upfront. She does a thorough analysis. I feel like there is a lot of homework done by her to the match finding. I feel like she conducts thorough analysis before presenting a right match.”

- Barry, Atlanta, GA

“Alyssa has been a blessing I didn’t even know I’d get with this experience. I had done matchmaking in the past, so I admit that I had reservations going in, but she has totally exceeded my expectations! She is kind, thoughtful, intuitive and wise. She keeps things real but listens to what I am asking for. My first two matches were better dates than I have been able to find for myself in 6 years! Where she dug them up, I have no idea. Sincerely, I think she’s an amazing person first and foremost and secondarily, incredible at what she does. She’s taught me how to follow my intuition and renewed my hope that good men really do exist.”

- Julie, Austin, TX

“Adoring Alyssa! The experience of having lovely Alyssa as my personal Matchmaker has been revelatory. Not only is she a sheer delight, but the insights gained from our discussions has proven to be invaluable. Each date experience I have had has been every more rewarding in terms of having fun, connecting with the right people, and learning more about what truly matters to me.”

- Katie, ATLANTA, GA

Alyssa is very intuitive and extremely great at communicating. She has an honest delivery without being harsh. She has a lot of experience and tremendous insights in human dynamics. She is really well grounded in her approach to dating, finding love and working with me as her client. I feel supported by her and enjoy how we work together as a team. She has given me so much hope and encouragement, including material resources, in this process that I would never receive if I was left to my own devices.

- NATE, Los Angeles, CA

“Alyssa is highly personable and intuitive - she's an active listener and reads between the lines to catch meaning and nuance. She's bright and engaging and clearly loves her work, which makes it more fun all around. I particularly enjoy her observations about changing dating trends, norms and general cultural observations -- she has a rare ability to challenge while remaining fully empathetic and encouraging. Perhaps most of all, I enjoy working with Alyssa because I believe she genuinely cares and believes in her work; therefore I believe she's competent and will do her best for me. What more could one expect?”

- Robert, Atlanta, GA

“I am so happy to have Alyssa as my matchmaker, She is discerning and works to understand her clients' needs. I enjoy the personal feedback, about maybe what I am doing wrong on dates or how not be so nervous, or make quick decisions. I’m very very satisfied and think she really has my back and has made my dating life much easier. Actually to the point where I need to stop dating outside of her guidance.”

- Donna, Atlanta, GA

“Alyssa is extremely thoughtful, caring, and helpful. She's a really great listener, is empathetic, and always moves the dialogue forward and helps me understand myself and my audience more deeply with her constant sharing of insights and wisdom. I couldn't have asked for anyone better to work with.”


“Alyssa is genuine. Super optimistic yet pragmatic. Knows when to coach, when to encourage... she has been a great guide through this process. She clearly loves what she is doing and it definitely reflects on her work. She has the right background, qualities, skillset and attitude towards it. She is honest and realistic. She knows when to encourage you and when to warn you. She is always punctual, and most importantly she connects with you and truly want to understand you and your needs. She is awesome! just fantastic! ”

- Linda, Atlanta, GA

“Endearing, passionate, thoughtful and genuine … I am not sure I would have the confidence to date if Alyssa did not convey the level of trust and active listening that I require from my personal relationships.”

- Jacob, Atlanta, GA

“I am not sure there are enough words of praise I could say about Alyssa. I feel so fortunate that I have her as my Matchmaker. I have two other friends using another service in New York and they are so jealous that I am working with Alyssa as their matchmaker is nothing like her. Her level of professionalism and dedication to her. career are evidenced in every communication I have with her. I have no doubt that Alyssa will find Mr. Right for me.”

- Denise, Laguna Beach, CA

“Alyssa isn't just someone who is excellent at her craft, she is a deeply creative spirit. She recognizes potential when she sees it, and she has an unwavering ability to see it through.”

- Paul, Atlanta, GA

“Alyssa is extremely thoughtful, caring, and helpful. She treats me like a true friend and I can tell she loves what she does. She is genuine in her excitement and passion to help me find a match. I couldn't have asked for a better matchmaker.”

- Tamara, Atlanta, GA

“Alyssa is the best! Absolutely love her and feel like she does an amazing job. She’s down to Earth, yet very hip. She is professional, articulate, and passionate about her role. I am very hopeful that is going to help me find a life partner in relatively short-ordeR. I Wouldn't want to do this process with anyone else. 5 Stars. A+.”

- Jordan, Miami, FL

“Friendly, personable, easy to talk to, knowledgeable, a person who listens and whole heartedly seeks out your match.”

- Andi, Los Angeles, CA

“Alyssa is like the girlfriend you trust implicitly to set you up on a date. She know not only what you want, but also cares about what you need.”

- Cindy, Atlanta GA

“We all have to respect the God-given gifts we have, and Alyssa is certainly entertaining hers. She has an ear and listening differently than everyone else. She asks great questions. She's got great instincts. I trust her with my heart better than my best friend. I'm so glad I found her.”

- Kari, Atlanta, GA

“An old soul who truly gets the art of matchmaking. I am lucky to be in her hands! I’ve referred many friends to work with her and her only.”

- minhnuyet, Atlanta, GA

“Alyssa listens well, but equally important is what she does with the feedback she hears. Alyssa is a woman of her word and executes well. A therapist passively listens, but a matchmaker should listen with intent and act upon what they hear and that is Alyssa. I think she's awesome!”

- Jake, Atlanta, GA

“Alyssa is an intellectual woman with confidence in creating an unique dating experience. A very easy person to talk to, who is also also a very good listener. Alyssa displays an ability to understand and took the time to dig deep into my thoughts on dating, life, my quirks, and personal interests before we even started my search. she found me my favorite person in short order… now my fiancé!”

- Scott, Los angeles, ca

“From the moment I met alyssa, I was blown away. I’m a woman with many words, but she truly left me speechless. She’s commanding, incredibly professional, and real. i knew that she was to be trusted from the moment I met her and she has proven that to me in every interaction we’ve had. she blends old school and new school tactics - very brass tacts, which i admire. i see her a my fairy godmother, my mentor, friend, therapist, sometimes even my mother. she’s hilarious, refreshing, and leaves me so full every time we talk. women like me need a woman like her. she’s powerful, strategic, no nonsense, yet very warm and compassionate. she’s a modern, new age pat allen. if you’re looking for love, search no further!”

- Maurna, los angeles, ca